Hey everyone! I wanted to do a senior blog since Saturday is graduation and I am getting started with the class of 2022 in just a few short days! I wanted to share some fun tips to prepare for your senior session!

Depending on which package you choose, we will be traveling to different locations with multiple outfit changes and so on! Here are some tips on how to prepare!


  1. Try to avoid big logos across the chest, it will take away from you face!

  2. Remember short skirts and dresses can limit posing ideas.

  3. Garments with texture are always a good choice.

  4. Try not to pair lighter colored pants with a darker shirt.

  5. Hats, jewelry and scarfs can add to the look, but be sure it is your style.

  6. Wrinkles will show up in the photos, try to iron or hang clothing.

  7. Stripes are not recommended.

  8. Vary your outfits! Try casual, formal, simply anything that your are comfortable with.

Nails! Don't forget to fix your nails. Chipped paint and bright colors including neon's will distract! Try to stick with neutral colors or a simple French manicure.

Makeup! Bring your makeup with you for touchups. Make sure your makeup is something your are comfortable with and won't regret later! Be sure to not use a oily moisturizer or foundation before session. Moisturizing is recommended for 2 hours before session so shine isn't bold. Stick with setting powder or blotting paper to help with oil and shine. Try to stick with neutral colors with eye shadows. Be sure to splurge on yourself and buy new mascara for your session to ensure no clumps! Your headshots are close shots focused on your eyes <3. Be sure not to get a spray tan right before your session. Tan lines are hard to cover so remember that when choosing outfits!

Hair! Try to not stick your hair with tons of hair spray or gel! Hairspray can be used to tame those flyaway hair of course. Your hair should be natural and comfortable for you to move and pose with!

What to bring? Always bring more outfits than you will need! You may change your mind in the middle of the session or we may find a location where another outfit may work better. Prepare outfits by trying to place all outfits on hangers with jewelry in baggies! Be ready to change fast to ensure the maximum shooting time for your session.

Bring your mom, best friend, anyone who knows you and your style! I don't always catch those stray hairs or missing buttons on shirts. This is were they come in handy! They know you and your style! They will also help with keeping you confident and comfortable!

Props! I love when seniors bring there own props to their sessions. It can be anything from your sports equipment, a chair, balloons, snacks or whatever your heart desires! You can sure bring your furry friend, I will never turn down animal love!! :) I love capturing your personality through your senior photos! Don't be afraid to show me your ideas or your Pinterest board! This session is all about YOU! We can sure blast your favorite music, go to your favorite spots, we can try to do whatever you have in mind!


I know most of you do not look forward to your senior photos, but I will try to make it as fun as possible! Don't be afraid to bring your girlfriend, sister, mom whoever will make you feel more comfortable! Bring your ideas also! Remember to style your hair as you would normally. Dont over do it with the gel, it can make your hair look oily and unnatural. Try to wear clothing that doesn't have distracting patterns or giant logos. Collared shirts are always a nice touch! Button up shirts are also recommended!

I always tell my seniors to not be afraid to talk to me, I am ALWAYS open to your ideas! No one knows you better than you! I want your session to be fun and positive!

I look forward to working with the class of 2022! Be sure to check out my Facebook page on updates throughout the year!

Baleigh Cerv

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