Rebranded and better than ever!

When I started Baleigh Turnquist Photography in 2017 I never thought I would be here. Now here is Baleigh Cerv Photography with a studio, new equipment and a newly renovated studio and brand! You may wonder what this 'rebrand' may mean. Well let me fill you in! I was challenged by an instructor to find my style. To pin point what I want and own it. So I did. I recreated to my packages to be more efficient, and my protocols for taking photos, editing and more. I have made my packages easier for everyone and make sure everything is upfront. I changed my color scheme and logo to fit what I want my new image to be and renovated my studio with painting, new decor and furniture to fit my boho theme. Lifestyle photography is my niche along with seniors, family and milestone sessions. What lifestyle photography means is that I catch you in the moment, not every shot is posed. I love to catch people in the moment laughing, hugging, giving each other a funny look and so on. I want my customers to be comfortable and forget their in photo session. I have changed my editing process and my scheduling. Last year I overwhelmed myself with overbooking. Working full time, being a mother and being gone all the time wore me out, so this year I am limiting myself. I want everyone to be able to get the date they want, so I am encouraging everyone to book early! I know it seems weird to book so early, but I find time slips away from us and before we know it we are in a pinch. I want to be able to help everyone with their photography needs so lets get you on the books for those summer/fall family sessions. I am ready to travel and find new spots for your sessions! Im hoping to find 2022 to be a great year for the new brand! I was lucky enough to update my camera to the newest model, computer and editing software so I am READY to get to using it! I have been spending my time learning how to use everything properly so I can give everyone the best quality! I am really excited to launch my new spring mini which will include a baby animal of some sort and my grandparents and me mini (for all ages)! I think it will be a special present for any grandparent to get a special memory with their grandchildren. Once again check out my newly reformed website where you can find all the information you need and you can chat with me directly! I look forward to working with you in 2022! xoxo Baleigh

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