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I've been wanting to do some pictures of Wakely and I for awhile now. I just 1 hate being in front of the camera and 2 finding the time and someone to help take them. Opportunity struck today and I took it. Only to face the nasty wind, dreary weather and humidity on top of a 16 month old that has a bit of a tummy bug and refused her nap, it made things interesting. I always preach to others make sure you take pictures! You won't regret it! I clearly don't practice what I preach, shame on me. I feel like my little one changes everyday from when I leave for work until I get home. I didn't take any pictures with her when she was a newborn because I was ashamed of my postpartum body, which I look back now and think I was being a tad ridiculous. I've learned a lot over the last 16 months about myself that's for sure. I have learned to take time for my myself and my daughter now. I've grown up being such an on the go person that sometimes I forget that I do have the option to say no and just be at home. I am loving each and everyone of those days. I know these pictures aren't going to be perfect, but they're real. I will cherish them forever. Thanks to my sister and brothers for helping me finally get some pictures with Wakely!

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