October update.

Wow, I have totally sucked at blogging lately. Seems like with being a full time worker, student, mom, wife and business owner can really make you lose track of time, but that really shouldn't be an excuse. Its been a busy one! We were supposed to go on vacation this month, but my time off had to be converted after losing my grandpa this month. Maybe ill find time for a little vacation eventually, but we shall see. Any who, enough about me and more about how amazing my fall clients have been! Wow is all I can say! This month has been so fun, I have taken some of my best images this month. I completed a new seminar last month and learned so much about posing, editing and overall photography. The fall colors have been absolutely beautiful also this season so I am soaking up as much of it as I can. I recently found a beautiful spot with all the colors which you will be seeing on my page real soon with another busy weekend ahead. I also have a really really really exciting Black Friday announcement coming up which will be posted on Thanksgiving, it will be limited so be sure to get ready! Christmas mini's will be released this weekend with full previews. I am putting the finishing touches on tomorrow and hopefully shooting Saturday weather permitting! I tried to do something different this year with a completely new outdoor set up that I have put together from a few trending Pinterest posts and my local photography groups that I have seen, and its adorable. It also gave me a reason to go shopping at my favorite place....hobby lobby <3 Check out the bottom of this post to see a few of the pictures I have captured this month. I have wrapped up my pumpkin stand minis for the season as my Christmas mini's start November 1st. I am open for those Christmas mini bookings, so message me to secure a spot. One more thing I wanted to mention, I have limited my days. I hate to say it but I am tired. I realized I do need a day or weekend at home every once in awhile. I just need to have time with my daughter so that is why I have been posting my available dates because that's simply when I am available. I will not be taking pictures on Sunday's any longer. Unfortunately that only leaves me with Fridays and Saturdays, but that is what's best for me and my family that need me too (and that neglected laundry and homework pile) Don't worry I will be sure to work with everyone to get you in with what you need! Thanks for another great mini for everyone that booked! It was so fun and here's to another great month in the books.

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