New Year, same me!

Well, another busy season has come and gone! Fall 2021 was the best season yet. I filled my books and I was so ready for my winter break. Now Winter break is in full swing and I am ready to go again. First I am going to give the studio a little revamp, which is much over do and I cant wait to share that journey with everyone. My love for photography is so deep. All I want to do is learn what can I do better. If I miss focus on a picture I kick myself. If I should've dropped my ISO for that shot or knocked the settings on my flash up on the next. These are things my brain wants to prefect. I know I cant make every photo as ideal as my mind makes it feel, but I can sure try. In the next few weeks I will be doing some more of my yearly education. I have finally figured out how to operate in manual that was my 2021 goal so I am posting here for my 2022.

  1. Continue education in posing, editing and camera work.

  2. Stay ahead of editing

  3. Broaden my marketing knowledge.

  4. Focus on the positives of my business and not the negatives which really got me in 2021.

  5. Grow my business, upgrade some equipment.

  6. Post more blogs!

  7. Attend a photography seminar

  8. Better time management.

  9. Get new props


Well, I hope to be better with blogging now that the holidays are over and my life is settling back into slow season. I also had a fun opportunity to advertise with Cybertek on their digital screens, so be on the look out for that awesome ad! You may even see yourself :)

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