Mommy & Me

Let me start this blog by saying I think every mother deserves a round of applause and a pat on the back. Motherhood is not easy, its not always rainbows and butterflies. I have learned that in the 16 months I have been a mother. I have never had a job more rewarding than being a mother. My daughter filled a hole in my heart I never knew I had! With that being said, I wanted to do something that mothers can do with their children to make them feel special, loved, appreciated, and wow did I have an amazing response! Lets be real mothers spend more time behind the camera capturing those little ones with daddy, grandma, grandpa and so on, this is where my idea to get mom's in front of the camera came in. I loved these session especially when in the middle of the session the little boy stopped me and asked " can you take a picture of me hugging my mommy?" ugh heart melted. I was even more floored when I had husbands messaging me that they wanted to surprise their wife for mothers day with one of these sessions! I can say these sessions have been so rewarding! I want to do one myself one of these days, if I can rope my sister into helping of course lol! I have decided to keep the mommy and me sessions permanently. That way it can be whenever, wherever or however you please! I am also open to doing lifestyle mommy and me photo shoots! I think it would be so fun to come over and just capture you in your home doing day to day to things! I want to end this blog by saying its always a good time to do a mommy and me session.

Baleigh Cerv

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