Hattie 3.0

Every year it is so sad for me when I wrap up another senior session. I was lucky to get to do 3 with Miss. Hattie. She is such a beautiful soul and her an I just click in the photographer/model relationship. She totally matches my style and the outfits she brought this time were totally my jam! She gave all the fall vibes. I have just tapped into a few of her gallery to give a sneak peak, but I really don't know how Ill cull any. I want to edit them all, like seriously all of them turned out absolutely stunning. We had the perfect fall day with a little breeze, wouldn't be South Dakota without one. She brought her new volleyball and cheer uniforms and I brought my new to me gold vintage chair I scored off the trading post. TOTAL WIN! I was able to try some new camera techniques that I hadn't tried before which was super cool and overall it was an awesome time! She even let me use some clips my assistant Legend took of the shoot for my tik tok, which was my most viewed tik tok yet....score again. I can't wait to see what Miss. Hattie chooses out of this gallery. Such a privilege to work with such a sweet girl.

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