Finding my style..

I have struggled to find "my style" with photography. I love the presets for certain sessions, but I don't believe in using them for all sessions. Some photographers frown on that, but I believe in being unique! I have gone back and edited sessions using presets that I didn't use before. I LOVE using presets for family photo sessions especially in the fall. I feel like they add to the photo and give it certain look. Then again I don't like using the presets for my seniors and milestone sessions. I love bright clean color and making the eyes POP! So when asked what my style is I say I do what I think is best...if that makes sense! Everyone has there own style and I'm finding mine slowly! With that being said, I recently updated my camera from a Canon 7D (crop sensor) to a Canon 5D Mark III (full sensor). It was a big investment, but worth every penny. I have been doing some educational trainings on shooting in manual with the 5D which I have been doing for about 2 months now! My next goal for the year is to purchase more lenses for my 5D. I have struggled with confidence with my business. I worry about many things, but I am learning to embrace it! I use Lightroom to edit my photos and I am slowly moving into photoshop. My 2022 goal is to move fully to photoshop so I can give my images the maximum editing experience. I will be spending lots of time on Lightroom with my seniors coming up! so stay tuned for their personal blogs soon!

-Baleigh C

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