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Hi everyone! Since I did a blog about how to prepare for senior photos, I figured I would do one for family sessions also! Here are a few tips I put together after reading some articles.

  1. Prep the kids- Get them excited for the shoot! Ask them if they have any poses they would like to do (sitting on dad's shoulders, hanging upside down etc). Offer incentives for good behavior. My favorite one is remember to smile and you will get chicken nuggets!! LOL!

  2. Try to make sure everyone has a full belly and is fully rested- Picture day isn't the best day to skip nap time. Feel free to bring easy mess free snacks for the kiddos.

  3. Wardrobe- Struggling? Ask me for help, I can give you advice! Use Pinterest, it is full of coordinating ideas. Make sure clothes are wrinkle free, wrinkles will show in the photos.

  4. Backup clothes- Make sure everyone has backup clothes. Accident happen, trust me I'm the queen of spilling on myself daily!

  5. Bring family favorites- I love this one. Making your family photos personal is so important! Wear your favorite team jerseys, bring bubbles, props, etc.

  6. Don't be afraid to bring your fur babies. I will never say no to adding your fur baby to the photo. They're your family too! Bring their favorite treat or toy to make posing a little easier. Also give me suggestions on where your dog feels most comfortable.

  7. Wear clothes that are comfortable and natural! Dress to your personality!

  8. Make sure your clothing is appropriate for weather conditions- South Dakota always throws us for a loop. Make sure you're family will be warm, cool or comfortable during their session.

  9. Enjoy the time with your family- remember you dont always have to look at the camera. Feel free to laugh, smile and show your love! This is a time to show off your family and the love you have for each other!

  10. Let you and your children shine- Let your children show off their skills with their single portrait by showing off their awesome skills (dance, baseball, basketball, wrestling etc). Don't forget to capture you and your significant other also!

I will attach some fun tips to the bottom of this blog for your family photos! There's no time that isn't good for family pictures! Stay tuned for my upcoming fall family session specials!

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