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"If its meant to be, it will be" is the saying I am going to use for this blog. I met Jace back in 2013, when I was teaching vacation bible school. He was my little buddy for the week, and I wont forget that on the last day he said Miss. Baleigh, Im going to miss you. Honestly tears welled up in my eyes and I took out my ipod and snapped a picture of us two for him to remember!

Flash forward to 2019 my brother and I were at a benefit and Jace had walked by. I knew I remembered him from somewhere. I asked my brother if he knew him and he said thats Jace he just moved here. Then it clicked! I told Wyatt I wanted to go talk to him but we ended up missing each other. Then a few months ago I had the opportunity to talk to Jace at the grocery store as he carried my groceries out. I introduced myself and we talked about bible school and he remembered me too! we talked about school starting again and that he would be a senior this year! I told him I was glad to see him again and he went back to work. I got in the car and thought to myself, wow it would be so cool if I could take Jace's senior pictures. I had never mentioned that conversation to anyone, I kept it to myself. A few weeks later, I got a message on Facebook from Jace's mom Robyn wanting to schedule his senior pictures. My mouth dropped open and I won’t lie a few tears too because I’m an emotional human lol! This is where I was thinking well if its meant to be it will be. I was so excited and we got Jace's session booked and finalized. I found some new special locations for Jace and I counted down the days. The day of Jace's session comes and I go pick up Legend (my assistant) and as I am waiting I get a notification to check my facebook memories. I start scrolling and you wont believe what is on my memories...There it is. The picture of Jace and I at bible school. Exactly 8 year ls ago to the day was when Jace and I took our picture together! I was jaw dropped once again. Before the session started I had to tell Robyn because it was all too crazy! She was just as shocked as me. I think it touched her heart like it touched mine! We spent the evening in a few of my favorite places, laughing and joking, the weather was perfect and we had a great time catching up!! I can honestly say this was one of the most meaningful sessions I have ever done! God will find a way if it is meant to be and it was just that!

-Baleigh C

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